Good business matters.

Good For Michigan brings together and recognizes companies across Michigan that are making a positive impact on their employees, their community, and the environment.

We are conveners

There is a robust network of entrepreneur support organizations in Michigan, all responsible for their own community of businesses. Good For Michigan works with dozens of these organizations to give them the tools necessary to lead their businesses into a powerful global movement towards a regenerative economy.

MidwestTech Hackathon at Start Garden

We are working toward a bigger picture

Good For Michigan is a program of our parent organization, People First Economy. We lead the development of an economy grounded in local ownership that meets the basic needs of people, builds local wealth and social capital, functions in harmony with our ecosystem, and encourages joyful community.

Our Partners For Better Resources

Good for Michigan is a convener for local business resources. The partnerships we cultivate help to strengthen the resources we provide, and connections we build. Our national and local partners below make a big difference in how we impact our community.

The People First team is dedicated to helping businesses grow

The Good For Michigan Program is led by the People First Economy team. This group of passionate individuals works to create quality resources, engaging campaigns, and innovative solutions.